Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring when renting my bike?

We ask that upon collection of your bike you bring the following items:

  • Valid ID – Passport, Driving Licence
  • Student ID where applicable
  • Emergency contact details
  • Paypal or bank account details – so that we can repay your deposit at the end of the year.

Where do I collect my bike from?

Our warehouse is located near Jubilee Campus at:

Ucycle Head Office

Woolpack House

Triumph Road



Can I extend my rental over summer?

Yes, if you contact the Ucycle team on info@ucycle.org then we will be able to upgrade your rental to include the summer hire at an extra cost of £15.

What is included with the bike rental?

When you rent your bike it comes with both front and back lights and a lock to ensure your safety and the security of your bike.

Do you offer different types of bike?

Sadly we only currently offer the standard bike and do not offer any professional styles. Our standard bikes come in both male and female frames.

What size bike should I get?

We will check that your height is appropriate for the size of bike you have selected when you come for collection, however details of the bike sizes and what height would be best are outlined below:

Small – > 5’6

Medium – 5’6 – 5’9

Large – 5’9 – 6’1

Extra Large – 6’1<

What do I do if my bike is damaged or stolen?

If your bike is damaged in any way then you should first contact us at info@ucycle.org and we will let you know the next steps with regards to repair, either from us in the warehouse or through Aladdin’s Bikes in Lenton.

If your bike is stolen you need to report it to the police and get a crime number to send to us, we will then react accordingly depending on whether you have taken a full coverage protection package or not.

When will I be able to collect my bike?

You will be contacted via email within 3 working days to organise a specified date and time for the collection of your bike, if you have any specific requirements we will do our best to accommodate these.


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