If your bike is damaged in any way then please contact us at:

We offer an optional insurance package which we recommend in order for you to keep your bike well maintained, and to ensure that your deposit is returned in full at the end of the hire period.   

Full details about the insurance cover are included in the following document: PDF

This Full Coverage protection plan includes:

  • Free repairs at Aladdin’s Bikes in Lenton
  • Replacement lights/lock in the case of damage or theft
  • A replacement bike in the case of severe damage or theft

Yearly Full Coverage package – £39.99   Termly Full Coverage package – £19.99

Please note: If the bike is unfortunately stolen, a crime number must be obtained to claim on our ‘Full Coverage’ protection plan.

If you wish to fix a small problem yourself we advise only doing if you’re confident it will not lead to further damage.

Aladdin’s bikes provide our maintenance for the protection package, however we also recommend using them if you do not have the package as they do offer competitive repair rates.

Visit their website for more information: